Sustainability Charter

Quality and service are key considerations in our activities, reducing the environmental impact of our products and processes is also a strong responsibility for the company. The materials used to build our facilities, their impact on the environment and the requirement to maintain product integrity throughout the supply chain are all major concerns.
Therefore environmental issues affect our key business decisions. Sourcing sustainable materials is a key issue for our industry. We endeavour to work with suppliers that demonstrate environmental and social responsibility.
One of our top priorities as a company is to work towards building very energy efficient offices in energy efficient buildings. We continuously endeavour to review and upgrade our engineering designs, build materials and operational effort to reduce consumption.
Providing a safe and healthy working environment for our people. Ensures working conditions are based on respect, empowerment and trust. Develops the skills of our people through training programmes such as the “Sales Academy” Encourage diversity at all levels to reflect its international dimension and culture.